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About Our Company _______________________

KCS, Inc. was started about 10 years ago by DANNY KANE. Danny is happily married to Sonja. They have 2 beautiful, intelligent and very active daughters; Crystal and Kelly. After about 9 years of running the Roanoke County Radio Shop, Danny decided that he needed a change and wanted to go into business for himself, so he started repairing pagers in his basement . . . the rest is history! Today KCS, Inc. employs about 20 people. KCS, Inc. is made up of several different departments now; Sales, Service, Paging, Call Connection Network, Site and Storage, and KBLW, Inc.

Service ___________________________________

Our service department has technicians and installers; KEVIN and SHELDON. The service department is responsible for maintaining our new and existing customer's radio and paging equipment. The service department is instrumental in helping the sales department with it's design and engineering needs.

Paging ____________________________________

Our paging department is headed up by CYNDEE FORTUNE. Cyndee runs the front retail office for "walk-in" customers interested in voice, numeric and alpha-numeric pagers, and cellular phones. We currently operate 2 channels of paging; VHF and UHF. Our paging division has and continues to experience tremendous growth.

Site and Storage _____________________________

DANNY KANE manages this division of KCS, Inc. S & S provides housing and tower space for repeaters, base stations, and paging transmitters. S & S has sites at: Tinker mountain, Poore mountain, Fort Lewis mountain, and Candler's mountain in Lynchburg, Va. S & S is a major player in housing paging transmitters for emerging Nationwide (900Mhz) paging companies.

KBLW, Inc. _________________________________

KBLW, Inc. is owned by four partners. KBLW, Inc. owns approximately 6 community repeaters and an 800Mhz trunked radio system. The new and add-on radio units for these systems are sold by KCS, Inc.


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